View Full Version : Still not getting audio on Internet Radio....HELP?

2006-03-05, 20:18
Can set the url and even see it on the display for certain stations that do not come as presets.....but no audio.

Example http://www.wbgo.org

Can get same stations on PC streams, so I'm a little baffled.

Everything else on this new toy works great. No problem with presets like WFUV 90.7 FM from Fordham in the Bronx, etc...just the ones I'd like to "program. Standard W2K3 set up, plenty of horsepower+bandwidth.
Anyone with a tip?

Thanks in advance.


2006-03-06, 00:58
Check "Server Settings -> File Types -> RTSP". Are they enabled? If this is ok, then go to "Radio Tune In" and try rtsp://wbgo.advance.net:554/broadcast/real3/encoder/frodo/frodo.rm for Jazz88 from WBGO. Maybe you need the plugin "AlienBBC" installed and working.