View Full Version : Slim can't find my music

2006-03-05, 17:42
In the last ten days, my squeezebox has lost its eyes. I have always stored my itunes in a seperate hard drive, and I never had to type a directory name before, the device always found the software, but now nothing. It cannot find the music and doesn't seem to understand the directory name when I type it. The hard drive is a Lacie and the address is Lacie:iTunes music. It won;t read it though. I'm doing something wrong, I know. Any help?

Mark Lanctot
2006-03-06, 14:00
Sounds like local DNS on your network just broke.

Local DNS resolves the network name "Lacie" to an IP address. It sounds like it stopped working for some reason.

If you can find out the Lacie's IP address (you should because this is what you enter to configure it) this should work:

\\<Lacie's IP address>\iTunes music

It's the UNC networked drive naming system. I thought there was a wiki entry about it but I can't find it. This should also work:

\\Lacie\iTunes music

but it may not because of this local DNS issue.