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Peter Hunt
2006-03-05, 13:13
Hi all,

I'm a new SB3 owner (and not an extremely computer saavy person) and I've been very happy with it so far.

I'm playing a large library of over 6000 FLAC files without a hitch.

However, internet radio cuts in and out frequently, whether I'm logged into squeeze network or just using internet radio through my slim server.

If I listen to the same radio stations directly through my desktop/laptop using windows media player, I experience no interruptions.

I'm using slimserver v 6.2.1 - 5194 on a pentium III machine with 512MB RAM, XP operating system.

Using a wireless connection for the SB3 and I have a wireless router that's plenty fast with a strong signal.

Anyone have any ideas?

Since FLAC files from my server work fine, I doubt it's just a bad wireless connection.


2006-03-05, 13:33
Check and make sure that these stations work ok when played on your
computer. The problem could be insufficient internet bandwidth.

Peter Hunt
2006-03-05, 13:43
They work fine when played directly through windows media player on my desktop and laptop.

Any other ideas?


2006-03-05, 20:54
Hi Peter

This happen to me an a daily base. Is pretty worse when ADSL is slow due to traffic overload/line quality.. smile.. Usually my RealPlayer handles it better (less drops, maybe due to bigger buffer). It also depends a bit on the station (file type) in my case. DRS3 is the worst. In my case it is a mix of, ADSL quality, streaming technique and streaming requirement (type of stream).

Cheers Markus

They work fine when played directly through windows media player on my desktop and laptop.

Any other ideas?


2006-03-05, 21:15
My SB3 will also get the "stutters" from time to time on Internet Radio streams, usually when using Squeezenetwork. Nothing to do with signal strength - The SB3 utility indicates 82-84%. It's strange - because the buffer is considerable in size - 15-20 seconds at least. So why the station would stutter every two or three seconds is a mystery.

However, I've found, when it happens, the easiest cure is to unplug my Linksys router and plug it back in. Upon reconnecting to the internet station with SB3, everything is fine - the stutter is gone. Not certain, exactly, what networking property is causing this. My wireless B router is over 3 years old now - perhaps its age related, Wireless B/Wireless G compatibility issue or some odd Linksys issue.

2006-03-06, 01:22
> DRS3 is the worst.

I noticed that this stream will disconnect after something like 2h34 (I
can't remember the exact playtime) - reproducable to the second. But for
this time it's playing pretty well for me (how would I otherwise reach
that magic moment? :-)). I used to use it with ADSL as well as with



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Peter Hunt
2006-03-06, 09:57
Thanks for all these suggestions. I'll try resetting my router and see if that helps.