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Oscar Marsh
2003-11-09, 16:22
I'm running OS X and I've noticed this behaviour in 10.2 and 10.3.

I have a partition on my disk which I store some of my MP3s on. My
SLIMP3 Music Folder, which is on my main partition, contains a symbolic
link to the folder within that partition which has the MP3s.

When I browse by Artist on the web interface and on my SLIMP3, one of
the artists whose files are in that partition comes up first. As it
begins with M, it's rather odd. My alphabetical list goes: "M, 9, A, B,
C". Some of the tracks with the same artist name are held on a
different drive, again linked in to the Music Folder via a symbolic
link. I've got another artist which also has files on both partitions
and begins with E, and that artist comes up in the right place. So I'm
not sure if it has anything to do with partitions. All of these MP3s
are tagged with either 2.2, 2.3 or 2.4 ID3 tags and the server is set
to "Sort by song information".

I suspect that the tags are at fault but I can't work it out. They are
also coming up in the wrong order within the albums they belong to.

Oscar Marsh
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