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2006-03-04, 16:46
Many have questioned why SD doesn't market an "audiophile form factor" SquieezeBox - there's been much talk about this and even I was posting in the past hoping for a positive response.

SD maintains they need a mass market device and yes, they have one but audiophiles have championed the 19" rack standard and so have I. At some point it becomes clear the perfect solution for SD is to sell their existing SB's in a disassembled version with long leads for the display (this minimizes any new production costs and offers audiophiles just what they need a "DIY SueezeBox Installation" kit).

I've attached some photos of my SB2 installation which involved purchasing a 2U rack panel, (1) rack shelf for the SB components, measuring the display cutout requirements and having a machinist laser cut the hole and score the panel. Not even a days work! BTW the SB is behind the top rack panel under the Monster Power conditioner.

For those of you who absolutely don't want to open the SB up to remote the display you can simply sit the SB behind the panel (requires making very accurate measurements for height and width including those rubber feet). Your choice of filters should take into consideration the exiting SB filter and your lighting environment.

I think you'll agree this is a solution even an audiophile will love.

Next up - many of you have complained about the SB remote. We should keep in mind this is a network device which means if you really want to talk about a comprehensive solution purchase a Bluetooth PDA (i.e. Palm LifeDrive), Salling Clicker (remote client) with SlimServer and the SB - you'll be able to do nice things like "everything" from the PDA without needing line-of-sight to talk to the SB. You'll also be able to control lights w/Indigo, iDVD, iTunes, iPhoto and the whole freakin world.

Once we put into perspective the SB firmware is updatable, the software is Open Source and they still use screws to hold the SB together we can do just about whatever we want..


2006-03-04, 19:28
Nice job, Masterbaron! That must have taken a hunk of time to get it all integrated and packaged so neatly.

I like the look of the stock SQB3 myself, but you are right - there is a need for a rack mount player. Pro studios could use a player that can play all compressed formats with excellent quality, and for easy reference to archived work on a network server. This avoids having to fire up Logic Pro or whatever battelship audio program just to hear a clip from another project, or just a reference CD as in during mix down or mastering. There is usually plenty of useless junk in those studio racks, a Squeezebox would get a lot more use than some tube flanger or old rack mount FM synth.

I think you have the basis for a new business! Make sure you use a great internal power supply!