View Full Version : 6.5b1Tracks w/ unicode files missing

Jeff R
2006-03-04, 11:25
This is with version: 6.5b1 - 6473 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252

Any files containing accented characters in the directory or filename are not added to the slimserver database. They are present in my iTunes library. If I change the filename to remove the special characters, slimserver adds them. This does not affect special characters in the ID3 tag -- those are dealt with correctly, in my experience.

Is this an Slimserver problem, or something wacky with my computer? These are valid Windows XP filenames, but I wonder if there is an issue with a Java library. I had a problem that was similar with MP3Tunes' Oboe software, also Java based, failing to find these files.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


2006-03-04, 11:42
SlimServer bug.
I raised this one recently.



2006-04-04, 12:55
....any hope that this will be fixed soon?

Thanks, Andreas