View Full Version : How to Edit Radio station to display Call Letters?

2006-03-04, 09:04
Hello, I have only been using my Squeezebox for a few days and really like it! I feel stupid for not figuring this out, but have searched the FAQ's and Forums and haven't been able to find an answer.
I have used the Internet Radio function to tune in an AM station from my old home town, KFAB. The URL, which works fine, is http://a637.l1995442279.c19954.g.lm.akamaistream.net/D/637/19954/v0001/reflector:42279

The problem is, the URL is exactly what is displayed as the title, both on SlimServer and on the Squeezebox display. I added it to my favorites and can find it and remember what station it represents, but I'm concerned that once I add a few more of my favorites I won't be able to recall what lengthy URL represents what station.

I was hoping there was a way to edit the "Title" of the station from the URL to just the call letters. I've been right-clicking everything like crazy but no luck.

I'm sure that someone will give me an answer that will definitely give me a "D-Oh!" moment, but I'm not concerned about pride anymore!

Thanks for your help!


Paul Webster
2006-03-04, 11:20
As it happens - it came up recently in here.
Not an optimal solution - but it does at least get the radio station name to appear in the Slimserver web gui (but not on the SB).

Pale Blue Ego
2006-03-04, 12:14
This is strange, but I don't have a slimserver.pref file anywhere on my system. Hmm...

2006-03-04, 15:54
Well, double D-Oh!!!
Dunno how I missed that.
Sorry to see it can't be made to display on the SB itself.
Also, I tried this with text editor on my Mac. After opening slimserver.pref there was no favorites section so I just typed in the two favorites paragraphs per the example in the correct alphabetical location in the pref file. However, in the Slimserver display, nothing seems to have changed.
This may be more than I understand---even though I ask SlimServer to tune into KFAB at http://a637.l1995442279.c19954.g.lm.akamaistream.net/D/637/19954/v0001/reflector:42279, and even though this works perfectly as far as the broadcast being very audible, in the Slimserver "Now Playing" window (on the right) the location mms://
Afraid I'm really a noob to this, I guess that this tiny inconvenience isn't too bad.
Have already ordered a second SB to hook into my intercom system!
Thanks again,

2006-03-05, 01:44
Create a playlist called KFAB containing the URL. The tradeoff is that it will be displayed under the Playlists menu instead of Favorites or wherever it is now. Also, the Now Playing screen will still display the URL- I'm pretty sure there's a line you can add to the playlist file to change this to something simpler, but I've never cared enough to look into it.