View Full Version : New VS Old

2006-03-04, 09:01
I purchased to of the previous Squeezeboxes just a few months prior to the new ones coming out. I really like the looks of the new Squeezebox. Is there that much of a preformance upgrade that I should sell my old ones and buy 2 new ones?


2006-03-04, 09:05
If you mean that your current SBs are SB2s, then all the commentary on the forum will tell you that they are more-or-less identical inside. The only real reason to upgrade would be aesthetics.

Of course, you could always follow a "trickle-down" approach ... set up a new system in your kitchen / bathroom / garage using one of your old SB2s, and put a nice new SB3 in its place...


2006-03-04, 09:14
Yup....that's what I meant. Thanks