View Full Version : Issues with 6.2.1 & SB's

2006-03-03, 07:21
I have a couple funny issue's. I have 2 SB2's wifi1 and wired1. Both work very well. However, from the slimserver 6.2.1, I cannot see the wifi1 player. Interesting, from the wifi1's menu, it shows the slimservers IP address as the network's default gateway, and not the true IP address of the server. I will attibute this last bit to the fact it is coming in via wifi, and I am running 3rd party software on the Linksys router, which maybe be doing some internal NAT/redirect.

The other issue, is trying to find the PIN on wired1. The setting menu's seem to be different on the two SB2's? I currently have the wifi1 registered with Pandora (thanks by the way, it's a great service), but I can't do the same with wired1, the PIN is not listed anywhere within the menu. This really sent me for a loop, I was really expecting both unit's to have the same menu being they should be identically imaged?