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2006-03-02, 19:29
I received an iPod Hi-Fi Box today along with another SB3, in black. Listening to "The Girl From Ipanema Radio" on Pandora Radio. What an experience!

The Squeezebox and Hi-Fi first of all, look fantastic together. Same frontal silhouette, scaled up. Same curves. No visible buttons or knobs on either. The Hi-Fi has capacitance-sensitive volume spots.

Square S/PDIF to mini-plug optical connection.

The sound is extremely clear, with a tight acoustic suspension sound (though it is a ported design). Intimate imaging, probably due to the unusual experience of high quality drivers playing so close together. Can play loudly yet cleanly.

When you add Pandora Radio to the mix, I can't imagine a simpler, more uncluttered, and mindless way to enjoy great music.

I don't have 6 D-cells on hand, but I have a set of 11,000 mAH NiMH's on order. I've read that the maximum volume gets limited under DC power, but to my ears there is plenty of reserve. This thing could rock in a vacation house.

I think this combo is succinct, elegant, and great!

2006-03-03, 04:07
Glad you like that simple setup.

Just wondering, what do you use prior to this simple setup? How does a more orthodox setup compare with this mini setup?

2006-03-03, 06:29
So you just cover the iPod port? Does it have aux in capability? I didn't see that in the specs, but I might have missed it.

Pale Blue Ego
2006-03-03, 06:38
It has that 3.5mm female jack which accepts a miniplug analog signal or optical digital signal. Sony used these jacks on their minidisc recorders.

2006-03-03, 06:44
Cool! It's starting to sound like something one might want to buy for one's SB. Too bad there's all that logic for supporting the iPod that'll never get used.

How about power? Any chance it will supply power for the SB?

2006-03-03, 06:46
I use an SB3 with a Sony DA50ES receiver with Cambridge Soundworks Newton T500 towers. I also have an SB3 connected to a Cambridge Soundworks Model Twelve Sub/Sat system. I needed to use a ground-loop isolator cable to eliminate hum. Relatively speaking, dropping the new SB3 on top of the Hi-Fi and running the single optical cable was so easy, and would make portable setup a breeze as well.

With Pandora Radio you can put playlist and setup menus behind, and cruise through music with thumbs up, thumbs down, and add to favorites.

The iPod Hi-Fi has an iPod dock on top and a 1/8" analog/digital miniplug in the back. Supposedly the remote can switch between the two inputs, but I haven't gotten this to work yet.

It has no power outputs.

2006-03-03, 06:52
It has no power outputs.
But it will power an iPod, right?

Any chance of an iPod imitating connector that just picked up power?

Anyone know what voltage an iPod is fed?

2006-03-03, 07:35
iPods are feed 5V. And can run on as little as 500mA.

This based on the fact that an iPod can be charged via usb and those are the usb specs.

2006-03-03, 07:46
Interesting article comes up when I google iPod Hi-Fi:
Jobs iPod Hi-Fi: Home stereo reinvented? Or load of HorseCRAP?

Also: from Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/markets/economy/2006/03/02/apple-ipod-bose-0302markets01.html

The Hi-Fi, with a price tag of $349, is more expensive compared with third-party iPod accessories items made by Bose, JBL and Altec Lansing, the analyst said.

"We expect Hi-Fi to be successful, but do not believe it will be a blockbuster product as its functionality is very similar to that of the Bose, which is still recognized as a leader in acoustics."

2006-03-03, 07:54
The Hi-Fi has a powered dock connector that will charge the iPod. It is an interesting to idea to tap into it, but while there might be 5V, there may not be enough current to drive a Squeezebox.

The Hi-Fi has no wall wart as the transformer is internal. There may be room inside to install a 120V-5V transformer. An even sweeter idea would be to tap into the 9V output of the 6 D-cells. The newest NiMH cells would provide 66,000 mAH of power storage. That would give us a portable Squeezebox Boombox.

2006-03-03, 08:16
Would you be inclined to share your Pandora "radio station?".

It would be interesting to find some new music to go along with my minimal Astrud Gilberto CD's.

2006-03-03, 08:30
I didn't know that Pandora had sharing functionality. That's neat! If you start with "The Girl From Ipanema" and add a few other Jobim, Gilberto, and Getz tunes, after some thumbs up and down action you'll have a great list.

2006-03-03, 09:12
From the ilounge review, the iPod Hi-Fi is best suited to annoy a dog or a neighbor :)
Still a nice box, but might not the best choice for some.....


2006-03-03, 11:20
These people sound interesting ...
Anyone know anything about them?

2006-03-03, 19:19
See iPod Hi-Fi review at
>From the review, Zvox mini compared to iPod Hi-Fi:

ZVOX mini ($200; $300 with battery and carrying case): The Mini, which is
currently in our review queue, is in many ways the closest system to the
iPod Hi-Fi: Although it doesn't include an iPod dock or remote control, it's
a one-piece, box-shaped speaker system, designed to replace a traditional
bookshelf stereo, with much more presence than you would expect. Although
the Hi-Fi gives you better bass, the ZVOX system provides more treble detail
(perhaps too much for some people), as well as slightly better imaging and a
much wider overall soundstageómore than any other one-piece system mentioned
here. It's also much smaller. Who will prefer it? People who want a bigger
soundstage and more detail, or those who like the Hi-Fi but need better

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