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Steve Davis
2003-11-08, 16:30
Yes it is.

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Hi Steve,

You should see a MoodLogic setting under Server Settings in the SLIMP3
web interface. Is it enabled?


On Nov 8, 2003, at 1:17 AM, Steve Davis wrote:

> Hi,
> I cannot for the life of me get moodlogic support to work with Slimp3
> 4.2.6.
> ML is installed on the same server and all music is activated (7000
> songs)
> I cannot work out how to generate a new playlist on the fly from the
> slimp3
> player/remote. I saw somewhere that you choose your song you want a
> similar
> mix for and press and hold play but nothing works.
> I can generate mixes from moodlogic directly and play these via slimp3
> but
> that's hardly integrated :-)
> What am I doing wrong?
> cheers
> Steve