View Full Version : Music magazines?

2006-03-02, 15:27
In a similar vein to other posts, I'm intrigued to find out what magazines and fanzines people read to find out about new and cool music.

As a relatively recent transplant from the UK to the US, I still love my 'Mojo'. I've been reading since issue 1 and although it has become a little more new release oriented, it still does a great line in letting journalists dig deep into a particular artist or album regardless of whether they have something to promote.

My other fave is Ptolemaic Terrascope. A true gem of a fanzine that ALWAYS introduces something obscure but wonderful to me with every issue. Their free CD's are worth the price of admission alone.

2006-03-02, 15:49
Pitchfork works well for me - a lot of what they cover I don't find interesting but a lot of it I do, and gerenally it is well written.

Certainly helps guide me in the direction of new bands, along with local radio station Triple-R (who are clearly pitchfork readers - eg the played McClusky this morning)

I've given up on paper mags - just not up to date anough and they don't offer anything much worth the price of admission.

2006-03-03, 20:31
For World Music there's the two big name names from out of the UK: Songlines and Froots. Songlines is more glossy and can get a little fawning over the big names in their articles, but the album review sections more than makes up for it in finding hidden gems. Froots also covers the Folk scene and has that slightly more authentic, down-home feel to it.