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2006-03-02, 15:03
With the addition of Pandora functionality, SqueezeNetwork has gained elevated importance to me. While switching back and forth between Pandora and my local music collection, it occured to me that SqueezeNetwork should be integrated more tightly when SlimServer is also available.

What I mean is, why should users be required to sign in and out of SqueezeNetwork explicitly? It seems to me that if I'm connected to my SlimServer, I should get one single menu structure with all available functionality, and if I select something that requires SqueezeNetwork (e.g. Pandora) it should connect for me.

The benefits of this would be many, in my opinion:

1. The UI would be simpler, because the duplication of similar but not quite the same menus (Internet Radio, etc.) between SlimServer and SqueezeNetwork would be eliminated.
2. Users wouldn't have to explicitly sign in and out, reducing a manual step.
3. If you're listening to Pandora, you can browse your own collection for station ideas while listening, without having to sign out.
4. Assuming the local server is available, custom things like remote mappings, plugins, "Now Playing" settings, etc. would remain intact, instead of having two different settings.

How would this work? Well, I don't know every detail of the SlimServer architecture, but I think the local SlimServer should, when available, work as a proxy to SqueezeNetwork, handling button presses, etc, and passing the commands on to SqueezeNetwork if it needs to (for Pandora, nature sounds, Live Music Archive, etc.) If the local server disappears, the Squeezebox can fail over to SqueezeNetwork, and things would be as they are now.

Is anyone with me? Is it worth submitting this as a feature request? Is it even architecturally feasable?

2006-03-02, 16:14
I've been thinking the same thing. It's absolutely essential for Slim to integrate them, with seamless switching as needed. Also critical for them to maintain adequate SqueezeNetwork Bandwidth to accommodate growing user base.

2006-03-02, 16:48
It has already been mentioned that a more seemless integration is the
goal. When and how much, remains to be seen.

2006-03-09, 18:52
I have two suggestions for Pandora integrationnn as well. I posted them in the sticky post.

Two suggestions:
1. Instead of using the right arrow to go to "I like this song" or "I don't like this song", why not provide a shortcut as well? Maybe 1 for "I like this song" and 2 for "I don't like this song".

2. I want the ability to rate the last song. Playing Pandora as background music, oftentimes, I find that I really liked the song when it's finished. But there's no way to rate it. Maybe 0 as a shortcut to give it a thumb up?

2006-03-26, 08:14
Andy was kind enough to discuss the interplay between SN/Pandora and the SlimSever on the Beta forum with me. He has suggested an enhancement request to add a radio-tune-in feature to SN so I can shop music at Amazon after clicking a link in Pandora.


I think this is a Product question and not just an enhancement and development question. There are 3 products, each with their own interfaces, and they have overlapping functionality. It's a bit confusing because the definitions for each are not yet explicit. Here's a stab at product definition from a newbie:

* Slimserver connects the Slimclient (SB) to your harddrive via network. It provides library services for a digital music collection, and it provides player controls.
* Squeezebox is a thin client that plays tracks and albums from a server library and connects to preset internet stations. It also connects to the Squeezenet Portal.
* Squeezenet is a portal providing account-based access to Pandora and other, user-entered internet radio stations. It provides Squeezebox player controls.

The confusion is when I log the client into SN, I no longer see it in the SlimServer because it is no longer connected to the server. I can "tune in" a radio station in Slimserver but I can not in SN. For player controls, the server has it all and the portal has a few. Keeping it straight in your head is dizzying!

I think the product is fantastic and would like to see more development of the SN portal as well as greater clarity on the existing feature set. SN represents the greatest revenue opportunities for SD and the greatest enjoyment for the surfer in all of us.