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2006-03-02, 13:58
Does anyone have a URL that works to listen to 1010 WINS radio from New York?

Thanks in advance,


Steve Baumgarten
2006-03-02, 19:56
> Does anyone have a URL that works to listen to 1010 WINS radio from New
> York?

Try this:


I discovered it courtesy of the excellent URL Snooper:


It's shareware and works with (and comes bundled with) the free WinPcap
ethernet sniffer package.


It was totally painless to retrieve the hidden URL in this case; much,
much easier than trying to unroll the HTML and/or Javascript via "View
Source" and the like, and less intrusive than setting up a local proxy
server that logs requests. You just get to the point right before you're
going to play the stream, then click "Sniff Network", then click the
link that will launch the audio stream.

At that point URL Snooper is watching all the network traffic flow by,
looking for URLs that look like media URLs (i.e., something that starts
with "http" and ends with ".asx" or the like). This is configurable, but
the default setting typically works fine. Within a couple of seconds it
found and highlighted the URL that plays the stream.

I highly recommend this little gadget. Like all the software on
donationcoder.com, it's very polished and professional, and it's
shareware in the old school sense: it's not crippled in any way, nor is
it time limited. Though it will nag you after a bit if you don't pay
something, the amount you pay is up to you.

(Just as an aside, I'm also a big fan of his "Find + Run Robot", another
nice little gadget: it lets you run anything from your Start menu just
by typing a few keystrokes, typically the first letter or two of the
program name. But to appreciate how clever it is -- how it seems to
always know exactly what you want, even if there are multiple matches --
you have to try it out. I love it. Makes getting to those little-used
programs a no-brainer, though to be honest I find myself using it even
for programs I use every day.)


2006-03-02, 20:04
Does anyone have a URL that works to listen to 1010 WINS radio from New York?Here you go, just paste it in the "Radio Tune In" section of the WebUI and then you can save the playlist for future use from the player:


--Tom Malsbury

2006-03-03, 08:51
Steve and malsbury, thanks to you both. And thanks Steve for the tip about the URL sniffer, that will come in very handy now that I have SB3!

Cheers to all,