View Full Version : Pandora "stops" after each song

2006-03-02, 11:30
I like the new Pandora channel, but the player "stops" after each song and the next song won't automatically play until the "play" button is pressed on the remote.

Am I missing a setting somewhere or is this normal behavior?


2006-03-02, 11:59
No that's not normal. Do you have to hit Play after each song or does it eventually get going normally? Are you using a hardware player or Softsqueeze?

2006-03-02, 12:11
Thanks for the quick reply!

I'm using the hardware player, SB-3. The display actually says "stop" after each song and won't play the next one until the remote's "play" button is pressed.

It will play the next song If I vote that I do not like the currently playing song. Also the skip to next song works normally.

2006-03-02, 13:17
I've been listening via SB3 for several hours and it plays one song after another. Do you go thru Squeeze network and link the accounts?

2006-03-02, 13:25
Yes, I am playing Pandora via Squeezenetwork. I'm not sure what you mean by "linking my account." I activated my Pandora account through the Squeezenet website and the Squeeze box-3 player correctly lists my Pandora stations.

The Pandora website plays the same stations without interruption.

Liam Obrien
2006-03-02, 14:59
I'm having the exact same problem. After each song finishes, it won't start the next one unless I hit the play button. Since someone above asked earlier, I'm using a hardware player (SB3).

2006-03-02, 15:47
My Pandora playback will occasionally stop playing a song abruptly and then go into the next song when listening on the SB; it does not seem to do that when played through my computer. Not sure why it does this, nor what to do to remedy the situation.

2006-03-02, 15:50
That is currently what happens if you get disconnected from SN. Upon reconnect it will restart the station with a new track. I'm working on changing this so the original track can continue to play when reconnecting.

You may also have been listening to a mixed track that actually ended properly but appears to have cut off since it's designed to play right into the next track on that CD.

2006-03-02, 20:50
I've found the cause of the "stops after each song" bug. Make sure your repeat setting is set to "Repeat Playlist" by pressing the repeat key on your remote. I'll have a fix up soon for this, but manually changing your repeat setting should solve the problem for now.

Liam Obrien
2006-03-03, 00:15
That fixed it. Thank you very much.

2006-03-03, 07:40
Thanks for the fix!