View Full Version : Pandora: spontaneous skip-to-next-song

2006-03-02, 07:04
I've been using Pandora for a while on my PC, and was real happy you added it to SqueezeNetwork. Here's the problem: midway through a song the feed jumps to the next song it's as though I hit the "skip" button on the remote. This only happens when I listen through the SqueezeNetwork. The feed is fine when I listen at the PC. Any ideas?

2006-03-02, 07:18
This will happen if your player gets disconnected from SqueezeNetwork. Upon reconnecting, your current station will restart, causing the song to skip like you described. I assume it's not happening on every song?

2006-03-02, 07:39
It might not be every song, but pretty close. FWIW, the router is only about 8 feet from the Squeezebox, and I never lose the connection when feeding from the Slimserver.

2006-03-02, 23:52
Mine is doing the exact same thing.

It seems to play fine for a while, and now, mid every song it skips to another track.