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2006-03-01, 11:59
Hi all,

I run slimserver on a linkstation (linux version) and I cannot use the MusicMagicMixer directly since it only runs on x86 linux platforms...

I've found a way to run the MMM on my WinXP PC and then to generate a playlist which gets copied and converted (changing '\' to '/' and such) by a perl script running on my linkstation. This should all work beautifully but one difficulty I'm having right now is simply reading in this newly named playlist into slimserver... If I just copy this new playlist in slimserver's assigned playlist folder, it doesn't get found automatically. I looked in the .conf file for a possible repository of created playlists to amend but I didn't find any.

One solution is to create a dummy playlist in slimserver (such as mmm.m3u) and then overwrite that one playlist from my little perl script but this is a bit "limited" in the sense that I can only have one MMM generated playlist at a time.

How could I get slimserver to automatically see any new externally generated playlist when doing a "browse playlists"?


2006-03-01, 12:28
I think it only will refresh the playlists during rescan, so the easiest way is to perform a rescan with "rescan playlists only".

It is possible to start a rescan using the CLI by connecting to port 9090 and enter the correct command. So this should also make it possible to perform the rescan automatically at the end of the script that generates the playlists.

I used this row to perform a full rescan using the CLI on my ubuntu linux, so you should be able to do something similar in your script:
echo -e "wipecache\nexit\n" | telnet localhost 9090 >/dev/null 2>&1

2006-03-01, 13:13
Great! Thanks Erland. This should be easy to do then. I'll give it a try.