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2006-02-28, 20:50
I've suddenly run into problems, and I'm not sure what's brought them on.

Using SlimServer 6.2.1 or 6.2.2 with SoftSqueeze 2.0 or later, I suddenly can't listen to any music. I get a "Can't Open File For [songname]" error. After turning on the debug source in SlimServer, I see a message saying something to the effect of "not bothering to open a file of zero length".

The source files are WMA Lossless.

Any ideas?

- Jeff

2006-03-01, 00:57
Could slimserver be having trouble getting to the files? Are they on a local hard drive, or a USB drive, or a network drive? What OS?


2006-03-02, 14:37
Well, I found the problem. I should have mentioned that I populate the SQLite DB myself from an Access DB. I had "filled in" all the fields I thought were important.

Two fields in the Tracks table I had not included were "FS" and "Sec" (or is it "Secs"?). Apparently, these fields need to be non-zero to get Slim to fire the tracks. I now use "1000" as a value for these fields, and all seems to work.

I'm not sure why Slim crapped out on me after working as it was, but I did do a lot of futzing in recent days, and so that may have killed something.

Thanks for the reply.

- Jeff