View Full Version : Re: Playlist issues, and FLC not defined in strings.txt

Jason Holtzapple
2003-12-11, 17:58
--- Erik Reckase <cerebus (AT) electricrain (DOT) com> wrote:
> More disconcerting is the behavior of the 'Browse Albums' list. If I look
> at the contents of each album in the list, each one has the last track
> listed twice in the tracklisting. One of the files is listed as FLAC,
> while the other is listed as WAVE (!?) Needless to say, that file does not
> exist, no matter how many times I rescan.

This does not occur with my flac albums.

> There is also an album in the list called 'No Album' that appears to
> contain the last track from each disc.

Nor this.

> Additionally, while single artist
> discs
> are sorted by tracknumber correctly, Various Artist discs are in a
> seemingly random order, although they're the same each time I rescan, so
> there's some logic to it somewhere.

Yes, I reported this a while back - they are listed alphabetically
by artist when it should really be tracknumber (if available).

> I have solved the problem of ID3V2 tags being added to FLAC files, although
> I haven't fixed the code to read the ID3V2 in the event that the Vorbis
> tags on the FLAC file are empty. Not sure how complex that will be.

Yuck! Why id3 tags instead of standard Vorbis-style comments?

I'm using the latest nightly build.


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