View Full Version : Internet radio - with skippable tracklist??!!

2006-02-28, 13:59
Hi, I am new to the joys of all things Squeeze. Have just got a SB3 and after a frustrating couple of hours got it all working now and it is GREAT!

One question - I was playing around with the internet radio stations on the SB3 earlier, and somehow I managed to get beyond just the basic station info on the display and into a tracklisting. I think it was on SomaFM Groovesalad, but I am not 100% sure. It literally came up on my SB3 with a song title and said it was number 1 of 4027 or somesuch ridiculously high number. I could then scroll through this massive list of tracks, and choose what track to play. I thought this was incredible! One step beyond the normal streaming radio station!!!

The problem - I left this list and (foolishly) didn't really make a point of remembering where it was, and now I cannot get back to it!! All the stations I have tried now just have streams and no way of selecting songs from a tracklist.

Anyone know where I was?!?

Thanks for any help!

2006-02-28, 14:13
Judging from your post and Google, I'd guess you were at http://www.somafm.com/. It looks like URLs for the streams are:

56k MP3:
128k MP3:

Hope that helps.

Edit: After actually trying out those streams on SqueezeNetwork I'm not getting the same thing, so that's probably not it. Sorry.