View Full Version : superfast playback with squeezeslave 0.5 and low bitrate MP3s

2006-02-28, 07:38
First, thanks to Richard for developing Softsqueeze and squeezeslave. While they're not the way I usually listen to my music, having SoftSqueeze to test drive slimserver was instrumental to my decision to buy a couple SBs. And squeezeslave looks promising for those times when I want to add my computer to the mix for another stream.

Now, to the bug I think I've found. By chance, I used squeezeslave to play one of the small 56kps CBR MP3s that I keep around for my little portable player. I didn't clock it, but I'd guess it was running 2-3 times faster than it should. It sounds like Alvin & The Chipmunks on speed, just like playing an LP at 78rpm. In contrast, squeezeslave seems to handle other formats just fine, including 128kps MP3s, flac, wav, and even a 64kps MP3. I don't know if the problem is the lower bitrate, the CBR, or what.

This is running squeezeslave 0.5, with the latest nightly 6.2 (6.2.2 6393) on WinXP sp2. Let me know if you need more info.

For my purposes, the bug's not important, because I generally only use the low bitrate MP3s for my portable player or on my laptop, but since it's still a work in progress I thought you'd be interested to know.


2006-03-01, 15:31
I don't know if the problem is the lower bitrate, the CBR, or what.

On further investigation, it looks like the problem is the sample rate, which is 24.0kHz on the problem MP3s, instead of 44.1.

2006-03-03, 11:02
I am encoutering a similar problem when trying to play flac files that are not encoded at 44.1kHz. They just play to slow.
Is this a server problem or a softsqueeze problem?

2008-05-19, 15:50
I've encountered this problem twice now. First, I found out that the Squeezebox won't play anything with a sample rate above 48kHz (so all the albums I ripped at 96kHz had to be converted. Now I find that SoftSqueeze has the same problem, only it's 44.1kHz! So now all the albums I converted to 48kHz won't play on SoftSqueeze. Only the Transporter will do 96kHz - and it really should do 192kHz.

What I can't understand is why something like SoftSqueeze would have a limit at all? They could have made it do 192kHz with no problem. It's software. I guess I'll be movig to WINAMP