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Neil Cameron
2006-02-28, 05:20
I use Slimserver on top of iTunes on Win XP.
I have a lot of genres in iTunes that show up OK in Slimserver, but I also
have a genre called 'Classical' which doesn't show up at all in Slimserver.
This is a pain, as I want to exclude Classical from the Random playlists.
Any ideas?


2006-02-28, 06:39
I don't know why your tunes tagged "Classical" don't show up as such in slimserver (I assume you mean that the music is visible, but that its not associated with the Classical genre?). A good first step is to use a tagger such as mp3tag to have a good look at the tags in the files to see if you can spot some inconsistency.

But I don't think this will help you - you can't positively exclude a genre (this has been the subject of several threads!!), you can only not include it. So if this music isn't associated with any genre, all you have to do is select all the other genres and random play will play them for you.

Or does this music have multiple genres associated with it?