View Full Version : What strategy for FLAC files w/ cuesheets?

2006-02-25, 17:06
I've read most of the threads related to problems with SS and embedded and/or external cuesheets until my head's about to explode. Some date back to almost 2 years ago so I can't easily figure out what the curent state of affairs is. Here are my problems:

For some of my CDs (especially some classical CDs) I much prefer to have a single FLAC file vs individual track files. However, SS seems to not know how to deal with them or I haven't set them up correctly.

-FLACFrontend will embed a cuesheet but it's nothing more than seekpoints, no additional information about artist, genre or title.

-MP3Tag will insert a 'CUESHEET' comment and SS may parse it correctly and sometimes may not.

-If I use an external cuesheet, SS will scan the tracks into the database but then I get a 'Cannot open file for:' error from SS.

-I've seen posts suggesting seperate comment lines for each track but I don't see how to insert except possibly a FLAC CLI (I do, actually, have a day job).

Here are my questions:

-Should I use the 6.2.2 version of SS (currently using 6.2.1 on WinXP) and will that fix my problems?

-What foolproof cuesheet method can I use that SS can scan to the DB correctly as well as playback w/o complaint?

Ripping software I usually use includes EAC along w/ flacattack and FlacFrontend.

Any suggestions would be appreciated before I attempt to re-rip my classical music collection.


2006-02-25, 23:29
see this thread for ripping/encoding
this method works best for me for all my music.

for playback, it also depends if you want to use Browse Music Folders or browse by Artist, etc.. There are some problems with Browse Music Folders with the newer versions of SlimServer.

2006-03-04, 00:54
(sorry for the late reply, I'm looking through old stuff for another answer, and happened to spot this)

Slimserver 6.2.1 has problems with using both CUE/single FLAC files and CUE/multi FLAC files. It gets confused if you try to do both variants at the same time.

If you update to the most recent version (6.2.2 is what I'm running), that bug is fixed, and you'll be fine. I don't think either format is inherently superior. Single-big-file may be better for gapless playback. Multi-files is easier for working with individual tracks.