View Full Version : Status of split-scanner branch and MySQL?

2006-02-25, 14:43
Just wondering where the split-scanner branch now stands. I was thinking of trying it out if beta testing is desired. If that's premature, just say so.

I'm finding 6.5b1 to be extremely stable. Bug #2850 with MySQL is the most serious issue I run into, causing a crash any time I remove or rename a folder and forget to rescan. Maybe a few minor skin formatting problems, but not much else.

What's been decided with regard to how MySQL is going to be incorporated in 6.5 on the various platforms? Will we be able to run our own instance of the server?

2006-02-26, 11:56
Is it safe?

Dan Sully
2006-02-26, 12:15
* JJZolx shaped the electrons to say...

>Is it safe?

The split-scanner branch is undergoing some heavy refactoring. I need a few weeks.

You know, for kids.