View Full Version : Are you a NZ Squeezebox user?

2006-02-25, 13:48
Anyone living in NZ able to actually use and stream music on the squeezenetwork?

2006-02-25, 15:30
Hi - I'm located in Wellington. I have SqueezeNetwork and Internet Radio working fine.


2006-02-26, 01:39
Hi Mike
Is your navigation through the Squeezenetwork menus responsive or do they exhibit delays?

2006-02-26, 17:10
I checked it last night. Response was fairly quick with no real lag. It might have something to do with your ISP connection speed perhaps? I'm no technical expert and so all I can really say is that over my broadband connection - I'm not experiencing anything untoward.

Good luck.


2006-02-26, 21:52
Thanks Mike.

Just trying to pin down where the fault is. Haven't heard back from tech support for over 2 weeks. Hoping there is something simple I can figure out myself.

Your feedback is definitely giving me hope. :)

2006-02-26, 23:55
Hi I am running my sb2 over an xtra jetstream account. All is fine and dandy. Do you have your music server running most of the time? Because in this case I would tend to run internet radio from your slimserver rather than squeeze network. I did notice a small delay with the squeeze network perhaps because they are often an intermediary to another service provider. I have just been trying to setup pandora which could be cool. It is the one thing I see requires squeezenetwork to run on your squeeze box. It isn't working until march 1st.

Good luck

2006-02-27, 01:32
Thanks FatFred

Yes I have been streaming Internet radio through my slimserver but at times would prefer to use Squeezenetworks. Unfortunately the problem with squeezenetworks keeps changing. Sometimes it is laggy menus, sometimes it just doesn't connect - makes it more difficult to pin down. I know that since I have had my squeezebox I have never been able to successfully stream anything using squeezenetworks.

Thanks for your feedback. I also have a jetstream connection so I am guessing this has something to do with my router setup.

2006-03-01, 22:43
hi I have been playing a little bit more with squeeze networks and found that my pandora stream got into a stutter after about 40 secs of tracktime. the stream did consolidate a little later but remains erratic. will search some other forums and get back to you.