View Full Version : Wrong DHCP address, can find Slim Server and Network

2006-02-25, 11:26
I just purchased a 3G Wired Squeezebox and I got major troubles getting the device to work.

First, the box receives the wrong IP address via DHCP, though I am sure that I have only one DHCP server running on the network.

So I configure the box manually to, installed the server on Router, DNS and DHCP server is

I can now ping the squeezebox. The server is up and running on

I can connect with a local softsqueeze client via and from a remote apple computer.

But my squeezebox won't find the computer, even if I set up the server address manually.

Any hint on what could be wrong?

2006-02-25, 11:40
What kind of wrong address?

If it begins with 169 this is an auto-assigned address that gets given if an item (SB or other) cannot connect with the DHCP server.

If that i what's happening, we then need to work out why it happens.

If it is a different kind of wrong address, knowing what you got might still be helpful in diagnosis.

2006-02-25, 12:06
Yup, that was the problem - it was all very strange ... I just found out that it has to do with the network HUB that I used. I have no connected the Squeezebox directly to the router and it works - though I still don't have proper DHCP setup.

Thanks for the hint, but it seems like I am getting forward.