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2006-02-25, 09:48
I have installed slim server and so has a friend on our computers but when he plays a song off my computer it plays on my computer and I though it was Supposed to play on his is this right or have i done something wrong if i have does anyone know how to fix it thank you

Mark Lanctot
2006-02-25, 10:23
SlimServer acts as a music server. It streams music to a client that can play it back. Sounds like you're using a software player like WinAmp or foobar as a client. If you call up a software player like Winamp or foobar on your PC and point it to or <SlimServer IP>:9000/stream.mp3 it will play SlimServer's stream off your own PC.

What you need to do is locate your friend's external IP and he needs to locate yours. You will find this listed in your router. Note your ISP may change it at any time.

You also need to tell your router to associate a request for a port at the external IP address with the internal IP address of your SlimServer PC. This is port forwarding.

So you need to port-forward TCP port 3483, UDP port 3483 and TCP port 9000. See http://www.slimdevices.com/su_faq.html#networking

You also need to allow these ports as well as SlimServer in/out and server status in your firewall.

Then, to play his music, you enter this into your software player:

<his external IP address>:9000/stream.mp3

To access his SlimServer, enter this into your browser:

<his external IP address>:9000

And he needs to substitute your external IP address for this to work on his PC.

Note this is a security risk - you now have two ports open to the Internet. You can restrict which IP addresses can connect to SlimServer using Server Settings - Security - Block Incoming Connections. Enter his address in here.