View Full Version : Second player wont connect

Chris OH
2006-02-25, 01:28

I am trying to connect a second SB2 to my wireless network.

Both player are on fiirmware 35 and I am running last night's version of slimserver.

Both players are currently in the same room as the router.

Both players show a signal strength that flits in the 90 to 100% range.

One connect fine, the other resolutely refuses to connect.

I normally use 64 bit WEP encryption but have also tried disabling it but to no avail.

Suggestions gratefully received.


Chris OH
2006-02-25, 01:33
I am connected without encryption now. Now to sort out why WEP works on one and not the other!


PS. The password is correct

2006-02-25, 08:04
You say that the password is correct.

One issue people have had is that trailing spaces aren't visible, and an extra space will wreck the password.

Maybe not your problen, but do double-check this.

Chris OH
2006-02-25, 09:10
Thanks, I had read this too but it wasn't the problem.

Hers's what I did in case anyone else has a similar problem.

I deleted the "old" player by asking Slimserver to forget it.

I disabled WEP encryption and established a wireless connection with the "new" player.

I re-established the WEP encryption and then connected the new player without a problem (using the same password which it "remembers")

To be honest I have only one SB connected now so perhaps I haave not corrected the problem whatever it was but, I only need one for the time being so I'm calling it a day.


Mark Lanctot
2006-02-25, 09:41
Sounds like an IP address issue.

Do you have IP address filtering turned on in SlimServer? Server Settings - Security - Block Incoming Connections.

Is your firewall blocking communication from the new IP address?