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Paul Fox
2006-02-24, 13:01
hi --
using the cli, i'd like to sync a given player with whatever player
most recently started playing. is there a way to do that? i don't
see a way to query for any sort of "is-playing" state on a player, let
alone a "when-did-it-start-playing" query.

having this would (usually) reduce the "sync me" ui to a single
button press, rather than needing to select the remote player.

paul fox, pgf (AT) foxharp (DOT) boston.ma.us (arlington, ma, where it's 31.5 degrees)

2006-02-24, 16:35
i don't see a way to query for any sort of "is-playing" state on a player

You can get the list of players from the "player" or "players" query.
Once you have each player id, you can use the "mode ?" query: if it returns "play", well, the player plays. You could also use the "status" query that returns a lot of info on a player, including what it plays if it does play.

let alone a "when-did-it-start-playing" query

This is not currently kept track of in SlimServer, and consequently not available from the CLI. I am not personally convinced it is that useful, but feel free to add an enhancement request on bugs.slimdevices.com!