View Full Version : Rescan not finding music: visible through Browse Folder

2006-02-24, 02:46
I had a few duplicate albums that I couldn't sort out so I went for a complete rescan of my music last night. Woke up to find it had emptied the database but failed to build a new one again, telling me I had no albums. The path to the files, in this case E:/My Music, is right, and I can browse the folder on my SB3.

Anything I can do short of re-installing SlimServer (just got my plugins, feeds etc just how I want them so would rather not start from scratch) I'm running 6.2.1 and don't want to move on to a beta: when I tried 6.2.2 I found my flacs were stuttering.

2006-02-24, 03:04
> Anything I can do short of re-installing SlimServer

Shut down slimserver, delete/rename slimserversql.db, restart the server.



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2006-02-24, 13:38
Many thanks for that Michael. All sorted, and without a reinstall.

2006-02-25, 00:38
Is your e drive an external drive by any chance? I and several other people are having this issue with NAS / external storage devices. If you hit Play All from Browse Music Folder it adds them all minus the album art. I'll try this and see if it works including the album art.

2006-02-25, 04:22
Yes, all my music's on an external HD firewired to a laptop.