View Full Version : Re: nightly 2003-12-11 slimserver error (on xp atleast...)

John A. Tamplin
2003-12-11, 10:09
On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, dean blackketter wrote:

> The problem that Caleb was trying to fix was that if you had CPAN
> module that we also had installed, but with a different version,
> it would pick up the system one first and it might be out of sync
> with the one we had.
> Suggestions?

Separate modules into three groups -- those which should use the
Slim-supplied version, those which should use the perl environment version
but we supply a backup if it isn't present, and those which should use our
copy rather than the perl environment (possibly only for some platforms).

Then manipulate @INC in a begin block that orders them how you want them.

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