View Full Version : slimserver autostart ?

2006-02-22, 22:59
Hi i have:
SlimServer-version: 6.5b1 - 6244 - Windows XP - SV - cp1252

and i did 2 things named my player and reserved an ip for it in my router.

Result: slimserver do not autostart anymore ?
Is this a known issue (searched bug list nothing like this).

Or it could be entirelry unrelated as i installed and unistalled other sw the same day, but to me slim doesn't seem likely to conflict with anything ?

If this is known i will try the new knightly


2006-02-24, 06:39
Ok now i'm narrowed it down a bit it's when you are giving your player a name that causes slimserver not to start upp.
Sometimes slim.exe crashes to due to that reason.