View Full Version : Naming stations on Last.FM

2006-02-22, 20:40
Is there any way to name stations that you create on Last.FM by entering several artists? The url will be somthing like: lastfm://artists/2384832.29839,28445.387464,3848596.11228394
Is there any way to name it something like: Clapton, Cocker, etc.?

Craig, James (IT)
2006-02-23, 04:12
Yes, you can enter a station name before the address, separated by a

My station;lastfm://artists/2384832.29839,28445.387464,3848596.11228394

Currently the whole string is displayed but at least the nickname goes
I haven't got around to separating the two parts yet - it was a little
trickier than I had time for when I did this.


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