View Full Version : Why no song info on radio stations?

2006-02-22, 16:30
When I stream a radio station off Internet Radio stations via my Squeezebox, I don't get the song names and artist names and such. Why not? Why wouldn't streaming stations send that metadata / information along? Is this not a standard for streams?

2006-02-22, 16:33
The station needs to be sending the data. For a working example, try RadioIO.

2006-02-23, 09:13
I see RadioIO does stream the tags, but I gather Live365 does not? Why would they not? I can't even find anything on their web site about this (perhaps I've not looked hard enough). Seems like a VERY useful thing to do (and not just for us Squeezebox users).

2006-02-23, 09:14
Beats me, maybe you should ask them. :)