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2006-02-22, 08:48
"Use iTunes" option shows up, and based on iTunes settings is pointed to the correct iTunes library xml file. My iTunes library file is in the default location (C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml), but the music files are on another drive. iTunes itself is configured and operating correctly, so I don't believe this should be an issue.

I've tried rescanning several times, with "find iTunes library automatically" checked and with the library specificed manually. Each time, the scan returns with 0 albums, songs and artists.

iTunes version:
SlimServer version: 6.2.1

I'd really prefer to use iTunes to manage the SlimServer library vs. pointing SlimServer to it manually. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


2006-02-22, 16:52
I had the same trouble, fixed it by going to Server Settings/iTunes/Find iTunes Library Automatically and set that to "Specify iTunes Library Locations".
Then scroll down to "iTunes Music Library.xml Location" and fill that in, then scroll down to "iTunes Music Folder" and fill that in and click Change.
You may also want to change the iTunes Reload Interval.
If this doesn't work, post again as the gurus will help you.

2006-02-23, 14:45
Thanks for the suggestions, Wirrunna, but that didn't work for me. SlimServer still can't find any of my music when "Use iTunes" is checked.

The only potentially unique aspects of my setup are as follows... the iTunes library files is in the standard location, but the music files are on a separate internal drive. Also, I don't use the iTunes folder to manage my music--all of the library entries (except for a few songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store) point to music files in my music folder (H:\Music). The iTunes folder is at H:\Music\iTunes.

Any other ideas of how I can get SlimServer to read my iTunes library?

2006-02-24, 13:13
I'm having the same issue, .xml on one hard drive and music collection in another. I've tried both automatically finding the .xml and pointing to it manually, but I'm still not getting any love from Slim Server.

Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

2006-02-25, 15:36
Experts? Any ideas on this issue?

2006-02-27, 13:26
Anyone? Anyone?


2006-03-11, 16:52
Add me to the list of stranded iTunes users....just moved my library and now SlimServer can't find any music.


2006-03-12, 10:28
Went through the instructions to reset everything found in another thread, no joy. I eventually discovered that I had to put in a value for Music Folder even though the web page said I could leave it blank when using iTunes.


2006-03-13, 08:40
I suspect that the path can not contain spaces or if you really need it to then you might need to use %20 or similar. Anyhow, have it in the back of your mind a possible problem.