View Full Version : unable to connect to slimserver

2006-02-21, 16:46
my SB works well with Internet Radio. The Slimserver SW is installed and finds my music. I am able to ping the SB from the computer that is running the Slimserver. All ports are enabled and i even tried to turn off firewall completely. Still no connection between slimserver and SB. What else could i try?

Thanks in advance!


Mark Lanctot
2006-02-22, 09:30
What firewall are you using? Some firewalls block traffic even after they're disabled. You have to reboot to disable these ones.

You aren't using two firewalls simultaneously - say a 3rd party firewall and the Windows XP firewall, are you?

Check your firewall logs. When a Squeezebox tries to connect, it is very persistent - connection attempts every 5 seconds.

You don't have MAC address filtering turned on in your wireless router? Or if you do, is the Squeezebox MAC allowed in?

Your SlimServer is not set to block the SlimServer's IP address? Check Server Settings - Security - Block Incoming Connections.

Can you access your SlimServer's IP address from another computer? Should be http://<slimserver IP>:9000