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2006-02-21, 03:16
I've just ripped my CD collection to WMA lossless and am now looking for a way to play these to my hifi setup.

Can the Squeezebox connect to a hard drive via ethernet directly.
I have looked at a Freecom Media Player, unfortunately it doesn't support WMA lossless but it does allow Ethernet connectivity.

I would not have a PC in the loop as I do not want to keep my laptop powered. Is this a feasible setup?

2006-02-21, 04:11
What kind of hard drive do you have that has an ethernet connector on it?

- Jasen.

2006-02-21, 05:21
The hard drive in question is the Freecom Mediaplayer 35.
You can assign an IP address to it via the software.

2006-02-21, 06:22
There's no reason why you can't directly connect a Squeezebox to a hard drive media player via an ethernet connection and then connect the SB to your stereo.

However (as far I know) in order to get your SB running, you will need to have Slimserver installed on the same hard drive. Can you do that with the Freecom Mediaplayer 35 ?

If not you will need either an NAS that comes packaged with Slimserver (the Infrant Ready NAS is one example) or one that can be hacked to add it (like the Buffalo Linkstation).

This page of the wiki is still under construction, but may help.


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2006-02-21, 08:03
I found the spec sheet for that drive: http://www.freecom.com/objects/00007009.pdf

I don't think that's what you want for use with the Squeezebox. It's both too much and not enough.

Too much: You don't need all those A/V connectors if you're going to use the Squeezebox to play your music. If you want the video capabilities, you may as well not get an SB and just use the drive's audio outputs.

Not enough: It doesn't look like it supports installing your own software on it. The SB _MUST_ connect to the SlimServer software to play the music on your local music library.

Interesting bit of kit.

- Jasen.

2006-02-21, 08:09
I'm not sure if you can install Slimserver onto the Freecom MediaPlayer 35. The Freecom device is able to stream audio/video similar to the SB but has a HDD built into it. It appears as a USB Mass storage device when connected to a PC.

The NAS option seems interesting. I have done a search on Google for NAS devices.

Could something like this below be setup with the SB?


Mark Lanctot
2006-02-22, 08:26
Could something like this below be setup with the SB?


I've never heard of anyone installing SlimServer on it.

Since this link comes from Plextor Europe, I assume that's where you're based, so you may want to look at the QNAP TS-101 (http://www.advancedmp3players.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1041), a NAS device with SlimServer right out of the box.

There have been persistent delivery problems though, so you may have to wait a while.

Failing that the Infrant ReadyNAS officially supports SlimServer, with a modified SS add-on on the company's site.

Otherwise you'll have to hack it in (Buffalo LinkStation, Linksys NSLU2).