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2006-02-20, 16:49
I logged into Squeezenetwork properly for the first time in absolutely ages this evening (usually I just use it for the Natural Sounds alarm rather than internet radio, as I have an always-on server) and boy, what a difference !

Was the "browse by City" radio option always there and I missed it ? Likewise the BBC World Service ? Either way, it's looking and sounding great - much more intuitive IMHO and I can see myself using it a lot more in future.

2006-02-21, 01:14
I can't find this "browse by city option", where is it?

But I realized some changes in the favourites Menu, really great work.

2006-02-21, 01:56
> I can't find this "browse by city option", where is it?

I think it's in the Internet Radio/SD Picks menu (can't test right now).



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2006-02-21, 02:36
What Michael said...

Go to internet radio, Slim Devices Picks and then scroll down for Browse by Genre and Browse by City.