View Full Version : Softsqueeze bad for sound in other programs?

2006-02-18, 14:32

On my workstation I've got a fresh install of Ubuntu "Breezy Badger." I
have my slimserver on my network server. After I used Softsqueeze I no
longer had sound in several games, eg. Frozen Bubble, BZFlag, when it
had been working just moments before. I still have some sound, like the
noise I get when I select an item from the Gnome panel or menu, and
Softsqueeze still works. Anyone know how to 1. Fix this, and 2. prevent
it from recurring?

Alternatively, 1. Fix this, and 2. suggest a new client to play music
from Slimserver over my network to my Linux workstation?

I'm running Slimserver 6.2.1.

My soundcard is a Sound Blaster Audigy Live 24 bit LS, which I've just
installed because onboard sound was so buggy on this machine. The card
uses the ca0106 alsa driver.


-- Damon