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2006-02-18, 11:58
Looking for a little assistance.

I hooked up my Sqeezebox and it is working well for internet radio, but I can not access my itunes library.

I keep my music on a network drive. (Z: drive)
Everytime I attempt to point to the network drive though SlimDevices I get an "oops" message.

I've attempted to Scan several times but the system never finds my music.

Any suggestions?


2006-02-18, 12:09
See http://www.slimdevices.com/su_faq.html#troubleshooting-sharedvolume

Using the \\SERVER\path\ option works for most people mapping to a NAS drive, but it will depend on your exact set up.

If you're using Windows try the path that you used to set up your Networked Share as a mapped drive.