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2006-02-18, 10:25

I installed SlimServer (latest version) on an FC 4 Linux networked machine. The service starts fine and I have connected a few music folders to SS so I can test/troubleshoot its music playing ability on a networked PC (running Windows XP). I've used WinAmp, Windows Media and Itunes - I click on the URL link (e.g.) in the WinAmp software, type in SlimServer's local network address (I had to change it from localhost:9000 because of a conflict with Windows) and I get a message that says I've been connected to SlimServer.

From here, I am totally lost. I cannot figure out how to play any of the music I set up for SlimServer - and I know SS recognizes the songs because it lists them. All that happens is that the digital play clock on Winamp (and the other players) starts progressing rapidly, as if it were calculating the total time of all songs on SlimServer. I never get to a point where I can choose an album, song, whatever.

I'm certain my ignorance is the problem as everyone else here seems to get SS to work fine. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.



2006-02-18, 10:43
You need to use the slimserver interface to play music - find an album you like and hit the play icon next to it's name.

2006-02-18, 11:01
I feel like an idiot. Thanks for helping without giving me grief for being so dense.

2006-02-18, 11:31
Or better: under Help in the web interface, run softsqueeze.

Winamp or WMP will get annoying when you hit 'next' and have to wait for the buffer to drain before it actually starts playing the next track.

2006-02-18, 14:46
I feel like an idiot. Thanks for helping without giving me grief for being so dense.

Don't worry - it's a common error.