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2006-02-18, 06:10
I'm almost convinced that I need to buy an SB3 based on my research and help from this hread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=21209.

I still have a significant concern about the future of music media. I am fine ripping all of my CDs into FLAC now and storing them in a box in the basement. However, what about the future of buying music? Will I be forced to purchase lossy music online with DRM, burn to a CD and then re-rip? Will I even be able to do that if DRM technology improves? What about new CDs that have DRM built in? Will I have to subvert their DRMs to get that music onto my computer?

I understand that this is some time off and that their will usually be workarounds but I am definitely concerned about only being able to use the SB3 for a few years before I have to give Apple or MS my money only to get lower quality music.

What does everyone think/know?

2006-02-18, 07:43
This is essentially unknowable.

On this forum, what you will get in answer to this question is a lot of opinions from opinionated people like me. But that's all it is. No one has a crystal ball on this one.

This is no different than any other high-tech question. If I buy a Dell today, will MS have a fight with Dell tomorrow and stop selling upgrades to WinXXPP' that work on Dells? Who knows?

Unfortunately, you have to make a decision based on fairly short-term "knowledge" of the field, and longer term "guesses" about where it might go. And chance being wrong.

No one wants to buy a Betamax VCR (or today's equivalent). Spotting them ahead of time is harder.

I don't think this is one of those ... but who knows?

2006-02-18, 07:44
As far as DRM on CDs is concerned; as long as it is playable in CD players there will be ways round the copy protection that will make it possible to rip the raw audio off the disk for encoding to FLAC (and any other compressed formats) so i wouldn't worry too much about that. I'm also of the opinion that the current DAP units will be obsolete long before CD players (just like DAB/Satelite radio will probably be replaced long before FM, AM and LW broadcasts).

Slim have stated in the past (i think it is also in the software roadmap) that they will do "whatever it takes" to get DRM music to play on Slimserver/Squeezebox. No-one outside of SlimDevices knows how long this will take and exactly what issues are involved in getting this to happen. Those inside SD are also pretty tight lipped so we won't hear anything until it actually happens, they famously don't comment on future products or services.