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2006-02-17, 21:34
Tonight I received an e-mail from slim devices asking me to take a survey since I recently purchased a Squeezebox.

OK, I'm game.

But clicking the link brought me to a page where I had to subscribe to a survey mailing list.

I don't mind taking a survey, but why does SlimDevices think I'd be interested in joining a survey mailing list, and why do I have to join the list just to take the survey?

Not cool.

Consequently I declined to fill out the survey.

2006-02-17, 22:04
Weird - I didn't have to subscribe to anything. However, my email client's security settings wouldn't allow me to click on the link so I copied and pasted it into Firefox 1.5. Survey took about 3 minutes (not the 10 to 15 they estimated).

2006-02-18, 12:38
I completed the survey. Then my email began to receive peoples' personal comments. Weird!

2006-02-18, 18:14
Can somebody who received one of these messages please forward it to me directly to me at dean@slimdevices.com

The message was intended to point to a secure and anonymous form for comments which shouldn't be forwarded to anyone.

2006-02-18, 19:13
I'm afraid I deleted mine. Sorry.