View Full Version : Exbrowse3 Track Out of Order

2006-02-17, 14:01
I'm hoping someone can offer some advice on this - I've searched through every post I can find on exbrowse3 and can't find report of a similar issue.

I love the Exbrowse3 skin and have used it pretty much exclusively since it was released. Unfortunately when I add an album into the playlist the tracks appear completely out of order (and yes, shuffle is OFF!) When browsing to an album and selecting it the tracks appear in order in the left frame, but not once added to the playlist. The playlist frame has two sets of what would appear to be track numbers, both different. Is this a known issue, and is a fix available or forthcoming??

Secondly, (and I did find this reported but no fix) the Download and Clear links in the current playlist don't work. Download returns an invalid page, and Clear does nothing whatsoever.

Any info much appreciated.



2006-02-17, 14:02
Oops - forgot one thing. Any way to set the default view to Browse Artists when the browser is opened?