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2006-02-17, 09:07
I have wife and teenagers that demand easy and simple.. go figure :-)

I have a denon receiver in a hall closet, near our kitchen and family room. Our music is played to speakers in both of these rooms. My music server is in a back bedroom. I use 802.11g throught the house.

I need a setup that allows my wife and kids to use a slick remote device in the Kitchen/Den that provides a decent display of album art, etc..

I have no issues configuring the SB to connect to the Denon receiver. Likewise, no issues with my PC Music Server (in a back bedroom). My confusion is related to the wireless remote for use in the kitchen / den. I've seen the remotes listed on the SB website (pda's, etc.), but don't have a clue what might be the "best" approach for keeping things both slick, simple and reliable for my wife and kids.

Can someone suggest a short list of devices and required software to make this kind of setup work?

Also, I need the remote device that we use in the Kitchen/Den to allow basic control of the denon receive (On/Off, Volume). It would be cool if like the Harmony Remotes, I could program the remote for "Music Activity" and by hitting "power on" button on the kitche/den remote, the denon powers on and selects the input required to receive the SB stream. Then the remote allows me to navitate and choose my music selections.

Sorry for being long winded, just wanted to be clear about what I'm trying to acomplish.

All Sogo's Appreciated!


2006-02-18, 21:17
Wow, 53 looks and not a single idea? Gotta be some way to do this, right?

2006-02-18, 21:25
bradesp wrote:
> Wow, 53 looks and not a single idea? Gotta be some way to do this,
> right?

Mine just use a laptop. Fire up a web browser (Firefox for us)
and go.

The Nokia is smaller, but a used laptop is probably cheaper.

-- toc
toc (AT) curmudgeon4 (DOT) us

2006-02-18, 21:40
All Sogo's Appreciated!
What's a Sogo?

2006-02-18, 23:11
Wow, 53 looks and not a single idea? Gotta be some way to do this, right?

If you can skip the album art, just get a Harmony and a SB and all of your requirements will be met. My 9- and 12-year old daughters and 70-year old mom use this setup to switch easily and cleanly between TV, DVD, and "Music Server" using the one-button "activity" feature on the Harmony 676 remote. Programming it for the SB was easy; it even had control codes for more esoteric equipment in my setup like my Creek amp and Proton TV.

2006-02-19, 05:46
Try a Pocket PC running Telcanto - nice interface for browsing your collection, playing to one or more zones etc. It show's the album art of what's playing, and of an album when you browse to it, but you cannot browse your collection by album art.

Of course you can browse by artwork from the Pocket PC using explorer, and can also have the Pocket PC sync with Outlook to keep a copy of your diary & address book downstairs.

Finally, if you can lay your hands on a pocke PC with Nevo installed, you get a universal IR remote control as part of the bargain.



2006-02-19, 06:17
I just stumbled on a control software product called Pluto that appears to have a slimserver plug-in... Has anyone looked into this as a front-end one can run on a wireless control device?

Regarding the Telcanto, how good are the skins for this product? Also, will it take advantage of larger real estate? FOr example, if I use a larger webtablet running PocketPC with a 7-10" screen will the Telcanto software allow me to maximize the use of the extra space?

Bascially, I'm after a Sonos like experience, but using the SB as the transport.

2006-02-20, 18:57
I'd assume that you've been down this path and have rejected it or are still looking for alternates...but just in case you aren't fully apprised you should investigate the nokia 770 (mentioned obliquely in a post above)--very slick skin, long battery life (for this purpose), a little pricey as a remote ($350) but since you mention sonos (and it makes a handy lounge-around-the-kitchen-and-surf-the-web device as well). Again, on the odd chance you haven't already gone down this path, ben's got an extensive wiki post with screen shots and everything. Perhaps the wife +kids would be charmed by being able to not only control the music but also on the same device being able to surf the web for lyrics, bio info, etc...?