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mr dvd
2006-02-17, 06:37
Hi all and thanks for reading this.

I've just installed slimserver (6.2 i think it is) and after running it, the icon in the tool bar has a tool tip saying "SlimServer starting" - but this never changes to "SlimServer running" as i would expect.

I cannot get my SqueezeBox3 to connect to slimserver - neither can i connect via IE and typing in my IP address and port 9000.

Does anybody have any ideas - i'm a little new to streaming devices.

Many thanks in advance,


2006-02-17, 06:46
This does occasionally happen, though no-one is quite sure why:


Two things to try - try right clicking the Slimsever icon in the tray, select Shutdown then Exit Slimsever then reboot PC.

Otherwise uninstalling and reinstalling Slimsever seems to do the job.

The other thing which can cause this is a firewall which hasn't been properly configured. If neither of the above tricks work, post back and let us have details of your set up, including any firewall.

2006-02-17, 06:48
I've had this same thing happen to me.

Try re-installing the SlimServer, but this time do not check "Start SlimServer Automatically when Windows XP Starts" (or whatever the exact verbiage of that question is that pops up during the installation screens). Note that you do not necessarily have to un-install your existing SlimServer prior to re-installing. I just re-executed the installation .exe, did not check the auto-startup box, and everything turned out ok.

Note that your SlimServer will still automatically start when you reboot your machine, which is a good thing (at least that's what I found in my case, I'm assuming the settings from the first try at installation were still in effect even after the re-installation).

Hope this helps.

2006-02-17, 07:44
This happened to me too. I did find out the problem in my case: the computer had an invalid DNS setting and SlimServer probably couldn't find its way to SqueezeNetwork. (yes, I couldn't browser the web using that computer either, but since it was just a headless mp3 server I never had a reason to care)

Once I put in a valid DNS entry, I had to REINSTALL SlimServer, then it worked.

mr dvd
2006-02-17, 07:44
Thanks for your help - and so fast!

Uninstalling and re-installing did the trick!

Thanks again,


2006-02-18, 14:04
I tried installing slimserver version 6.2.1 after uninstalling version 5.4.something on XP Pro SP2. I can't get it to work no matter what I do to re-install 6.2.1 and rebooting in between.

If I completely uninstall 6.2.1, reboot, and re-install, the installer itself hangs while starting slimsvc (the DOS window stays open). If I end that process, the installation proceeds to the Finish window. At that point, I've tried installing once more over the top of the last install, and I can get the installer to continue all the way through without a slimsvc hang.

None of that matters, though. Slimserver still hangs during startup. After screwing with this for an hour and a half, I'm done with it. In fact, I'm not writing this to get support through the problem. Frankly, since purchasing my slimdevice two years ago, the headaches have not been worth the rewards. Once it's up and running, it's great, but getting it up and running can be very frustrating. I bought this product to work with Rhapsody. After the ususal hair pulling session, I did have it working. Of course every time there was a version change, in Rhapsody or Slimserver, RealSlim would break and the headaches would start again. I gave up on RealSlim some time ago, and now I'm giving up SlimServer.

Here's the thing, I have the utmost respect and admiration for everyone putting time and effort into open source apps such as SlimServer. But there comes a point when the work has to include very thorough QA. I don't know for sure, but I fear this is an area that has not been adequately addressed in the software design of SlimServer. Unit testing isn't enough guys; neither is relying on Beta testers. Both are necessary, but there needs to be a fullblown QA effort to get this product ready for the real world. I fear in this case, installation tests were not thorough. I would love to SlimServer succeed and become the defacto standard in music library management and streaming. That won't happen until this thing is as easy as pie to install and use. As it is, it is an app for those who don't mind tinkering to get things working. I guess as I get older, I don't want to bother with that anymore. It's easier to plug a wifi connected laptop into my stereo and use MediaPlayer or Rhapsody.

Ok, I've ranted enough. No need to respond; I won't be back to read through the responses, though maybe I'll give a future version a try again. Best of luck with this product.