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2006-02-16, 14:41
Hi All,

Please can someone help...

It may sound stupid, but I am wanting to purchase the SqBx for one reason and that is to listen to a streaming radio station:

The stream is:


and it can be found at:


PLEASE can someone who has a SQBX help me to check if it is possible to have this stream through this unit.

I have tried the slimserver software on my PC and I have not go this to work so far so I think that it is not possible.

Please can someone help.

Kind Regards,

2006-02-16, 18:09
The actual stream URL for that station seems to be http://www.antfarm.co.za/clients/highveld/highveld_22.asx but I can't get that to work at all (in any player) at the moment. Give that a go in your setup.

2006-02-16, 18:57
The stream URL is actually

And it works fine. :)

2006-02-17, 00:46
Andy, Radish,

Thank you VERY much for this information.

I confirmed this link on the software simulator.

I have no idea how you go the link... I thought that I had this...

I am off to purchase a Sq Bx this afternoon!

Kind Regards,

2006-02-24, 16:44

Please can you check your link as this is not functional on the unit that I have purchased.

Anyones assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

2006-06-20, 14:45

Has anyone got this to work? I've created a playlist file as follows:
#EXTINF:-1,Highveld Radio

The information above is saved in a file with a .m3u extension in the AlienStream sub-directory of where my playlists are located.

I have noticed the following:
- The stations are visible when I browse through my playlists.
- The stations are not visible under the AlineBBC listing
- SoftSqueeze can play the audio stream.
- My SqueezeBox however reports a problem in connecting to the server.

Any thoughts?

Other than this minor hiccup - I am VERY VERY VERY impressed. Oh, and so is my better half.