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2006-02-16, 12:38
I have a song from Diana Krall's cd Live in Paris, the first track of which does not play right whatsoever on SlimServer. Its in MP3 format at 160kbps CBR and plays perfectly fine on any MP3 software I have on my computer (mplayer, mpg123, and xmms). I cannot for the life of me figure out why this song does not play properly.

Its worth noting that the worst of the music from this CD plays perfectly fine on SlimServer, just not this one track.


2006-02-16, 17:59
Describe "not right"

2006-02-18, 18:58
Describe "not right"

Lots of static in the music, to the point it hurts to even try to listen. The sogn starts off, for those who haven't listened, with a great deal of applause as she starts the show and then goes straight into a fast paced jazz song. The static doesn't match the sound of the music at all, it just sounds like its not being decoded right whatsoever.

Mark Lanctot
2006-02-19, 12:00
Have you tried re-ripping the track in FLAC?

Or even just re-ripping in MP3?

For that matter, what ripping software are you using and does the CD have physical damage at that point?