View Full Version : New install; SlimServer won't start

2006-02-16, 10:55
Hi everyone,

In preparation for the delivery of my Squeezebox, I have downloaded the latest SlimServer install (6.2.1) and installed it on a Windows XP (SP2) box. However, when I attempt to start it, this happens:

The tray icon gets created
The toast pops up saying 'SlimServer Starting'

and that's it. The icon sits there quite happily telling me 'SlimServer Starting', but it's been sat there saying that for hours. Furthermore there is no response when I point my browser at localhost:9000. The install successfully configured the Windows XP firewall to allow it to act as a server, but it's not yet being asked to actually serve anything.

Any suggestions what's afoot?

2006-02-16, 11:10

I had a similar problem first time I installed - when I disabled McAfee and re-installed, all was good. Just a possibility.

2006-02-16, 11:15
Quoting AKM <AKM.23c2lc (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> Any suggestions what's afoot?
uninstall, then reinstall. Many report sucess with that.

2006-02-16, 12:12
I suppose I should have thought of trying that myself...

Is working now!