View Full Version : sq sorting order in web interface

2006-02-16, 02:25

I've got an issue with the order of appearance of three connected
squeezeboxes, when I use the (default skin) web interface. In the left
frame, the player settings are presented in alphabetical order, but in
the upper right hand corner of the right frame, one particular player is
selected by default in the drop down box - despite being alphabetically
sorted "in the middle", not having the lowest ip-number nor the lowest
mac address.

This one (default) particular player happens to be located in the
bedroom, and I have inadvertanty made changes to server conf that
started this player and woke up wife and kid a couple of times too many.

How do I get to pick which player is selected by default here?


ps. just tried a few other skins, to see how the issue is affected.
Both fishbone and light skins have the same "issue", while default2
gives me (in the upper right hand drop down selection box) the a
different player - the one sorted first alphabetically - which is what I
want and would expect every skin to do.